You should be Cubing! Reasons to play cube

Remember when commander was supposed to be the format to express yourself and then powercreep and EDHRec changed all of that? Cube does that but better. 

Cube is one of those formats that everyone should be playing or have access to playing. It is the most fun I've had playing Magic and has been a consistent staple of the scene since forever. It places gameplay above everything else and honestly functions much more like a customiazable board game. I believe every play group should have a cube available to them to spice things up every now and then. 

This was an afterthought but with the recent happenings regarding WotC and Hasbro, Cube is becoming one of the better ways to play Magic while spiting the company. You continue to enjoy the game, while giving them none of your money and doing little to incentivize you into buying more.

If you're not fully convince I hope by the end you are.

Reason #1 Money is not a factor

Money and Budget have been the biggest concern when it comes to Magic and any TCG in general as it creates the idea of the game being Pay 2 Win. There are often people complaining about someone spending too much on their deck or being priced out of specific cards. Although Cube technically doesn't eliminate this problem, it does disregard this as you and your group are playing in a curated environment, where the only money spent is the money put in by the cube's curator. Proxies are a generally accepted part of cube culture and pauper cubes are popular for the same reason, you spend very little money and are able to achieve a fun environment.  

Reason # 2 You curate the environment

Powercreep, unfun cards, and an unfun environment have always been a problem with Magic. With cube being an isolated draft environment, your cube can be immune to the shifting tides of Magic. You can opt out of ever changing your cube from the initial build and still have fun with it 20 years from now. Obviously most cube designers are bound to update and change their cube as time progresses, but unlike other Magic formats, you can undo the changes if you don't like them. 

Furthermore, each cube will evolve into its own personality and flavor becoming the epitome of expression in Magic. It's a low floor, high ceiling venture. If you think about it to get started in cube is fairly easy, but becomes a time sink depending on how you want to approach the growth and development of your cube. If you are someone who likes building decks, I think cube will be the best place to sink your time into for building. The sheer variety keeps the format fresh and interesting as you hop from person to person.

Proxies are welcomed in the format because you're in control. This also includes custom cards if you want to delve into that.

Reason #3 It extends the lifespan of all your cards

As mentioned in the previous section, you curate the environment. Since you can swap cards at your own leisure, many of your pet cards can maintain a home in your cube. Even more so if you design around them. The best part even if you do nothing to your cube, none of your cards don't get worse.

Reason# 4 Your Friends will appreciate this

This is one of the biggest reasons to creating a cube as you get older. As time happens, many of my friends have stopped playing Magic or sold out of their collections for a variety of reasons. Having an easily accessible cube ensured that friends I play Magic with can jump into the play sessions with minimal worry. Additionally, newer players can enjoy this with you as well and you can scale the environment to their level.

Reason#  5 You can flex your collection

This is a vain reason but it's a subtle of doing and sharing the wealth a little bit. I'm guilty of this one myself but playing with duals and moxes is kinda nice y'know?

The End Step

I hope this convinces some of you to check out cube as a format. If you're interested take a look at some of my guides on constructing different cubes. If you got questions, just leave a comment or shoot them directly to me through any of my socials.

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