New Capenna for 1v1 Cube

 With Streets of New Capenna being fully spoiled, here are the cards that piqued my interest for my main cube. I will not be including cards from the commander decks. Included in my impressions will be the pros, cons, what archetypes the cards fit in, and what they replace in my cube if I choose to add them. As a reminder, here is a link to my main cube.

This card has a lot going with it. Initial impressions tell me this is a slightly worse Kiki Jiki, which isn't a bad thing. This card is extremely modal. It acts as an ETB enabler and a discard outlet. The main issue is how clunky the card can feel with its MV of 4 and lack of haste. If either of these issues was adjusted, I would be more excited about this card. These issues can be offset by blitzing the card, which is probably this card's best mode. If you are opting to blitz the card to use the ability, the impact of playing this card is dependent on your targets, which was already a concern with Kiki Jiki.

Pros: Rebuys ETB effects, Rummage Cards
Cons: MV of 4, Lack of Haste, Dependent on card quality
Archetypes: Flicker, Fires, Reanimator, Madness
Potentially Replaces: Feldon of the Third Path/ Seasoned Pyromancer

    This card gives a strong Thragtusk impression, however there are some minor differences that affect the card interactions. In comparison to Thragtusk, this leaves a bigger token, has trample, and  blitz. The 4/4 token helps stabilize the board much better than the 3/3 left by Thragtusk and the trample helps inch in extra damage. Combining the trample with the option to blitz is useful to finish the games, but that's the only use I see for opting to blitz. 
    Thanks to Wtwlf123 for making a strong case to keep Thragtusk. Thragtusk's leave trigger makes it stronger in flicker strategies as well as strong against exile and bounce effects. In addition, the difference between gaining 3 versus 5 life is the difference between 1 or 2 burn spells needed to end the game. This varies further depending on which spells you have in your cube.

Pros: Stronger Token, Trample, Blitz
Cons: Less Flexible MV, Blitz isn't as useful, Leave vs Dies
Archetypes: Flicker, Sacrifice, Fires
Potentially Replaces: Thragtusk/ Regal Behemoth

There's a lot I like about this card. It's legendary, low cost, and has good keywords. Aggro decks already want evasive 2 drops and this fits the bill.  Having flying aind vigilance, however, makes her suitable for +1/+1 counters and equipment like Eater of Virtue. In addition, I run Yoshimaru making her legendary status matter especially since the two cards are likely to be run in the same decks. Downsides are that she is a 2/2, which is on par with similar creatures. The angel support text will mostly be flavor text unless Restoration Angel or Baneslayer Angel show up.

Pros: Good Keywords, Legendary (very minor)
Cons: Average body, Mostly useless Angels text.
Archetypes: Aggro, Tempo, Midrange
Potentially Replaces: Bygone Bishop/ Kor Skyfisher

This card seems insanely powerful. It has good stats with effects that are always relevant at any point in the game. I cannot see a situation where this card is bad if you're able to play it. It should be noted that the shield counters do not protect creatures from exile effects like Swords to Plowshare.

Pros: Good Stats, Always relevant ETB
Cons: Can't think of any
Archetypes: Ramp , Fatty Cheat, Reanimator
Potentially Replaces: Avenger of Zendikar

Thanks for reading.