My Edh Cube

Welcome in, much appreciate you spending your time to read my content. This will be an introduction and breakdown of my Commander Cube. This is not a general guide to commander cube, but I'm hoping it provides perspective on how you might choose to go about constructing one.

How I imagine this cube will play

Design Philosophy

 The design philosophy behind this cube differs differently from my 1v1 cube. I wanted to create a slower environment to simulate the EDH environment. Because players draft their decks I have decided to not take into account the commander ban list when choosing cards. I wanted my players to have as many options as possible when it comes to deck archetypes/ playstyles and commander choices, thus I try to include as many commanders as possible.

The Set Up

 The cube is intended to be drafted by 8 people who will then split into 2 pods of 4 players. The players are drafting and deckbuilding based on Commander Legends rules. For draft, they are drafting 3x Packs of 20, drafting 2 cards at a time, and they have to draft their commanders. For deck construction, they are building 60 card decks including commander(s). To ensure that players have functioning decks at deckbuilding, the drafters have access to Sol Ring, 2x Prismatic Pipers, Commander's Sphere, and Command Tower. 


Each of the archetypes were designed to be 2 colors with each color pair having multiple different archetypes to ensure that the drafters were able to play how they want. The commanders present in the cube environment serve to act as payoff and signpost cards to the drafters, thus the gold sections are filled with a minimum of 3 commander per color. To further support this, there are the partner commander to allow access to even more color combinations. The monocolored sections are focused on enabling the various commanders. Each archetype had a minimum of 2-3 payoff cards to ensure that the decks felt distinct while mitigating the problem with narrow cards. Combos and alternative wincons are present and fit into already existing archetypes.

These are the some of the archetypes found in each color combination: 

WU: Blink, Hatebears, Group Hug

WB: Lifegain, Enchantments, Stax, Reanimator

WR: Artifacts, Tokens, Burn, Equipment

WG: Counters, Enchantments, Group Hug, Hate Bears

UB: Artifacts, Reanimator,  Control

UR: Artifacts, Spells Matter

UG: Untap/Tap, Ramp, Birthing Pod, Power Matters

BR: Group Slug, Burn, Aristrocrats, Welder

BG: Graveyard Matters, Counters, Discard Elves

RG: Ramp, Spells Matter, Lands Matter

Esper (WUB): Pillowfort, Artifacts

Jeskai (WUR): Group Hug, Spells Matter

Bant (WUG): Blink, Untap

Grixis(UBR): Counters, Spells Matter

Sultai (UBG): Graveyard Matters

Jund (BRG): Reanimator, Sacrifice

Mardu (WBR): Pillowfort, Aggro

Temur (RUG): Spells Matter, Dragons

Naya (WRG): Ramp, Fires

Abzan (WBG): Counters, Reanimator

Atraxa (WUBG): Counters

Ydris (UBRG): Big Spells

Kynaios and Tiro (WURG): Group Hug

Breya (WURB): Artifacts

Saskia (WRGB): Fires/ Aggro

5C: Dragons, Good Stuff

Balance Philosophy

Balance is generally not a huge concern for me unless there is a deck or card that is glaringly dominating games with minimal efforts consistently.