My Main Cube introduction

Follow the link here to take a look at my main cube.

This is a 450 unpowered legacy cube. Eternal Masters formed the basis for this cube back in 2015 and slowly morphed into the cube you see today. This was intended to be draft by 8 people with the extra 90 cards adding variance to the draft without diluting too much of the pool. 

Each of the monocolored section focus on strengths and options found within them. Thus, the gold section is intended to support archetypes already found within the color combination rather than serve as a pay off/ signpost for that color. This ensures that the drafters have more freedom to build as they please as was present in EMA draft. The artifact sections serve a similar purpose to the gold section as well as helping drafters round out weaknesses of their decks.

 The monocolored focus is listed below.

White: Aggro, Stax, Blink, Tokens, Anthems, Board Wipes, Universal Removal
Blue: Tempo, Blink, Control, Card Draw, Counterspells, Artifacts, Fatty Cheat
Black: Aggro, Discard, Reanimator, Sacrifice, Creature Removal,  Board Wipes, Tokens
Red: Discard, Aggro, Burn, Wildfires, KikiTwin, Welder, Wildfires, Fatty Cheat
Green: Ramp, Lands, Fatty Cheat, Midrange, Fatties, Self Mill

The intended 2 color combinations are as followed

WB: Tokens, Stax
WU: Tempo, Control 
WG: Counters,  Midrange
WR: Prowess Aggro
UB: Tempo, Control
UG: Ramp, Fatty Cheat
UR: Instant/Sorceries Matter
GB: Graveyard Matter
GR: Ramp, Fires
RB: Sacrifice, Midrange

There's more archetypes then this, but these were built with intent.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi
    What a conicidence. I also happen to be in possession of a 450 unpowered cube (look link for comparison ;) ). I had to cut the green mega ramp archtype in more of some kind of midrange pile, because it was too slow against aggro and too susceptible to counterspells against control. You play the green mega ramp in green. How does it work for you? Also I noticed my curve overall is lower than yours. Do you think it has something to do with it?

    1. Looking at both our cube, yours is a lot more aggressive than mine is and I think you balance around that. In regards to the ramp strats, my players aren't to keen on playing them, but I leave it in their because I support fatty cheat and I see super ramp as a way to cheat out fatties.


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