Welcome in, much love.

I've been playing MTG for about 9 years and have been playing cube for about 7. I've built my cubes out of a desire to play magic my preferred way as well as to ensure that my friends who stopped playing can continue to play with me. I have a preference for the Theros/ Return to Ravnica and Theros/Khans of Tarkir standard was played and it's reflected in how I design my cubes. 

I currently maintain 2 cubes: 450 unpowered legacy and 600 no banlist edh. I want to use this space to put out my ideas and share them with other people. I will not be doing set reviews as there are more experienced people with better insight, like wtwlf123 and Nick Nobody. I will still be talking about the new sets and what cards I want to incorporate into my cubes.

I'm aiming to post at least twice a week. Each post will be detailing changes I want to make to either changes in my cube, cube archetype design, and other topics. The other topics will still be cube focused but they might be less about game play. I hope you guys take something away from each post and that you guys comeback to them from time to time for inspiration.  

Please check back in time to time. Thanks for reading and leave a follow or share this stuff with your friends.