About Me: Why I play cube and my design philosophy

 Cube is my favorite way to play Magic. It puts me in control of design and lets me run wild with whatever ideas I want. I see it as the ultimate form of expression in MTG. You're creating an experience that you want to share with other. It was the only thing that kept me interested in playing during the Covid Pandemic when stores stopped running events. Playing at a local scene is where the game shines best. The different types of players create the different atmosphere that I am looking for.

Fits any White deck I want

As a magic player, I enjoy playing either highly interactive midrange decks like Deadguy Ale or Aggro decks like Red Deck Wins. Thus it was natural that I would gravitate towards Red or White decks since they contain these playstyles. When I first started playing Magic, my first deck I played locals with was a Monowhite deck built on Fabled Hero, Ajani, Caller of the Pride, and Ethereal Armor. Making the biggest creature and shredding your opponent is just a lot of fun. In modern, I started with the Modern Event Deck, a defunct product, which was a Black White Tokens deck. I really enjoyed that deck and am still working towards trying to maintain it to be competitive. I even played a variant of that deck in legacy through. Mtgo. When it comes to Commander, I have come around to slowly disliking the format. I dislike how the format has warped due to what WotC is intentionally printing.  Decks are now focused less on interaction and more on forcing your game plan disregarding everything. It could possibly be the people I play with but watching people take long turns and getting heated is not my cup of tea. 

My cubes are built on the playstyles that I enjoyed playing in constructed. I like playing fair decks, but I also really enjoy unstable combos. I believe Modern was at its healthiest when either Jund or Abzan Midrange are the top decks. I want my players to have access to any playstyle they're interested in trying. Most of my friends have slowed down or stopped buying cards completely, but are still interested in playing Magic. These cubes help facilitate that. There's no real pressure to update them and the value you get from the play time is endless. Similar to commander, seeing the Modern format warp dramatically due to WotC printing Modern Horizon is not what I'm wanting. It's interesting to see the wacky card designs, but they often just feel pushed.

My main cube is designed to try and replicate Legacy as much as possible. The more powerful cards and deeper interactions is makes for fun game play. The chance to die out of no where is fun and exciting for the most part. It is a 1 on 1 format. Don't ever feel bad for winning how you need to is how I see thing when playing and designing. You can read more about this cube here

My Commander Cube , aka EDH Cube, is focused on trying to recreate the feel of commander at a power level of 7ish or whatever the format felt like during 2013-2016. This cube was created because I kept making new commander decks but never playing them. The release of Commander Legends inspired me to build a cube styled the same way and dump as many different playstyles into it as I can. Newer cards are included because I want the games to feel as smooth as possible. I am not following the commander ban list because the randomness of singleton draft should be enough of a balancing factor to play with stronger cards. You can read more on this cube here

I go into more details about my in my first post